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Basic Driving Instruction Course ("Behind the Wheel")
$350.00 (30 Classroom Hours, 6 Driving Hours)

Behind the Wheel"Behind the Wheel" is a basic driver's education course recommended for anyone who is a first time driver in the state of Maryland. It teaches students how to safely identify, execute, and understand the rules of the road. This Course consists of thirty (30) hours of classroom instruction and six (6) hours of on the road instruction.

There are ten (10) classes in each session and each class is three (3) hours long with one 15 minute break. All materials are included.

Once a student successfully completes the classroom portion of the "Behind the Wheel" Course and obtains a Maryland Learner's Permit, he/she will then be scheduled for on the road instruction. The instructor will pick-up the student at their home, spend 1 to 2 hours driving a pre-determined route, and return home. While there is no age limit regarding enrollment in any of our programs, Maryland law mandates that student drivers MUST have a valid Maryland Learner's Permit prior to signing up for on road instruction. The minimum age for obtaining a Learner's Permit is 15 years and 9 months.

Upon completion of "Behind the Wheel" the student receives a letter of completion. A copy of the letter, quiz scores, and the driving assessment are forwarded to the MVA and becomes part of the student's permanent driving record.

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TestimonialsIt is our mission to provide a solid foundation for our students; one in which they can learn in a creative and challenging environment. Our school promotes open exchange, in a safe, orderly, caring and supportive place, where the expectation is one of success. In the classroom and on the road, we look to foster a positive relationship between students and staff.

The quality of what the students learn is of great importance to our team. At Advance Driving Academy, we offer unique information with the emphasis on creating greater layers of student safety. Particular emphasis is placed on: Alcohol Awareness, The Most Common Teen Car Crashes, and, Women's/Men's Personal Safety.

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"I would highly recommend Advance Driving Academy. They were also very helpful. Dave was an excellent instructor. He was very, very patient. He doesn't yell or scream. He didnít mind repeating information. He listens. He was very determined to teach you to drive and wants you to pass the test as much as you do." Marissa W.

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